Tree Removal Kangaroo Ground

Green and Gold Tree Services is local to the Kangaroo Ground area, this means you get cost effective tree removal in Kangaroo Ground.

Tree removal is the process of removing a tree from its current standing form down to ground level. At Green & Gold Tree Services, we are professionals in tree removals, so we are more than capable to remove trees when it is properly justified and local council permissions has been granted. With well over two decades of tree removal experience, we know that all trees are a challenge and that no one tree is ever the same, however, we will always leave you with the confidence that the tree removal will only be performed safely, efficiently and professionally. We promise that you will only be left with a memory of the tree removal when our work is done! We specialise in removing small and large trees and those which are dying, dead or dangerous, as well.

We use a variety of methods for tree removals and this depends on the tree’s site, size and condition. We use the only the latest climbing and rigging methods as seen as best practice in our industry.

When there sufficient access and room, elevated work platforms and cranes can also be used. Cranes can be used to lift up both entire trees and tree sections and lower them down into a safe spot for processing. We find that a major advantage with using cranes is that they often speed up the tree removals and of course provide a safer working environment for our specialist tree removal crew.

There are many reason to remove a tree, including: outgrowing its position, causing damage, presenting a hazard, being unstable, dying, poisonous or dead, or because of the effect of a new development.

To prevent disruption to existing gardens, overhead limbs are lowered to the ground by ropes. Foliage is generally recycled into mulch using a woodchipping machine and when required, wood is cut to approximate firewood size and left on site or taken away depending on your requirements. All lawn areas are raked and hard finish areas are swept clean. We can also complete the job with stump removal if required.

We are a professional tree company with fully trained staff to give you peace of mind during the removal of problem trees and we are pleased to offer our wide range of services to schools, golf courses, government, industry and the residential market.

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tree removal Kangaroo Ground

tree removal Kangaroo Ground

tree removal Kangaroo Ground